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The word “Feminaire” is created by Monique Wittig in her novel "Les Guérillères" to describe a kind of dictionary, or reference book, used by humans in a world where everything is feminine and pural, after feminism have triumphed.This series are Mary Autumn's personal visual interpretation of this “Feminaire”, a combination of ink drawing and painting on colored paper giving life to this utopic reality without need of words.Each work depicts characters whose bodies are loomed on paper naked, unashamed, and freed from western-centered references. The colored paper remains bare in some places, becoming a color in itself so that white is no longer the conventional neutral but a real narrative element.Here are displayed a few excerpts form this growing series.The FEMINAIRE was first exhibited at the Tram{e} art gallery in Brussels between November 7 of 2023 and January 13 of 2024.Please take contact by email for exhibition or purchase


Sometimes images come with speed like magic


Handcrafted animation video for the song "Barefoot"
by artist Elvin Byrds.
With cardboard waste and upcycled materials,
Mary Autumn designed a graphic universe and characters to illustrate the story of the song.

"De la laine, du carton, des dessins et beaucoup d'imagination [...]
Cette vidéo co-réalisée avec l’artiste visuelle Mary Autumn est un régal d'ingéniosité"


Collaboration with Renaud Ledru on the production
of the clip "OD on Sugar",
design of the photography and narrative accessories

Laureate of the Jury's price of the VKRS 2022 - Brussels


Causes dear to my heart and far from won
to defend tooth and nail

Right to Abortion

Poster designed for a demonstration/exhibition in defense of the right to abortion organized by CAPIRE (feminist people’s media) , featured on their website and exposed in New-York City at the People's Forum in augustus 2022.Also published on line on People's forum website
and on the CAPIRE website
Ink on paper and digital colors

Citizen Parliament

Series of illustrations in line with the graphic charter for the project "Citizen Parliament".Ink on paper and digital colors


Pictures designed for the music artists and their particular universes

Album Covers

TOKYO WITCH - Skin Like feathers (2023)

Elvin Byrds - Riot (2019)

Soresmile - Downtown Movies (2012)

Elvin Byrds - Togetherness (2021)

Babbajah - Come To Jah (2020)


Pictures designed for the music artists and their particular universes

Album Covers

Soresmile - Downtown Movies (2012)

Entirely handmade digipack
Published in 20 numbered copies
Graphism & Design
Stencil spray paint & Linocut stamp


Legendary stories with foolish pictures : the best recipe for an endless dream

Hans Mon Hérisson

Series of illustrations around the Grimm Brothers' tale
Ink on paper

The Mask of
the Red Death

Illustration for the E.A. Poe's Novel
Ink and white watercolor on colored papers


Small cards designed for big occasions and shared with love

Buziness Card

Illustrations and design
Linocut handprint

Best Wiches

Illustrations and design
Linocut handprint

Birth announcement card for Elliott

Birth announcement card for Elliott
Illustrations and design
Ink drawing and digitals colors
Handcrafted with plantable paper

Relationship anniversary card

Ink drawing
Illustrations & design

Birth announcement card for Maya

Birth announcement card for Maya
Watercolors painting
Illustrations & design


Real or totally invented animals, sketched with love and admiration

Deep in the night

Ink on paper

Fury Friends

Watercolors painting


Vectorised ink drawing


Focus on the simple beauties that surround us

Sombre Herbier

Watercolors painting and ink on white paper

Seasonal wreaths

Watercolors painting


Personal expression of ancient, folkloric or occult knowledge

Emotionnal Skies

Ink on paper


Mary Autumn is a Belgian artist atypically playing with symbols and aesthetics of nature.Her drawings develop an imaginary between tradition and modernity, which is expressed both digitally and accompanied by watercolor and gouache. Her ink line, vivid and fluid, allows the precise representation of textures and intentions. The play between colors and features invites to marvel at nature as a whole.She has always been passionate about the aesthetic of nature and the way humans find symbols in it. In her eyes the world is an wide open book overflowing with secrets for whoever looks at them.It is with great interest for folklore and the History of Art that she composes images with multiple readings, and out of pleasure that she represents the living. Her work tends towards the universal, without limit of culture, species or period. She depicts a out of time utopia where humans, animals and plants would live in harmony and where each of them would have their place and their stories to tell.Graduated from ERG Art School in Brussels (2009), Mary Autumn has been developping her own techniques through various artistic projects. Since 2020 her main project has been "FEMINAIRE", a series inspired by her personnal ecofeminist convictions.